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AVVEM  College-Surat is aiming to be among the best college in India.  I believe that at the core of AVVEM College success will be certain underlying principles that will ensure its pinnacle position.  Give me a chance to list a couple of that are over the detector:


• Leveraging the scholarly and enthusiastic faculty and understudy group at AVVEM College are working fundamentally to produce tomorrow's worldwide pioneers today.


• Ensuring an enduring sense of duty regarding foster a differing and comprehensive group of students, driven by values and empowered by the meritocracy that denotes our organization.


• Sustaining an open and straightforward culture that feeds interest every step of the way, energizes coordinated effort and gets the best out of each understudy.


• Preparing understudies for the mind boggling world that they will confront when they leave the entrances of this vaunted establish utilizing our nearby linkages with industry, the Government and obviously the scholarly community. A mind boggling world where they should take a position, express sentiment, shape it and prompt improve it a place.


• Building a responsive and intense group of graduated class in city and India who will be famous names to figure with and will be anchored in seriously with the establishment.


Today, we see stir and distress all around the globe. Against this grieved setting, there is without a doubt new expectation ascending in India. In the current moderate development world, India's economy is an encouraging sign. We are left on a crisp round of progression – one that will take our economy to higher pinnacles.


AVVEM College will work hard fundamentally on its principles to ride this wave and hold its position remarkably.

Dr. Gautam Gopal Dua

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